Anelka will return to the national team

Anelka will return to the national teamThe President of the French Football Federation Claude Simone stated that there are no obstacles to return to the national team as a striker Manchester city Nicolas Anelka. The player himself wants to play for the national team, the case for coach Jacques Santini.One of the strongest French strikers Nicolas Anelka with scandal left the French team, when it was run by Roger Lemerre. At the invitation of the successor Lemerre - Jacques Santini, Nicolas replied rudely. "Let Santini on his knees to ask for my forgiveness for the wrongs inflicted by Lamarra, then I may be back". Santini more Anelka was not invited. But recently the leader of the attack, "Manchester city" changed his views on the national team, in addition, disqualification Djibril Cisse makes Santini to find a replacement best scorer of the championship of France. Читать полностью -->

Chervichenko: the complicated Construction of the stadium to the limit

Chervichenko: the complicated Construction of the stadium to the limitThe President of the Moscow "Spartak" Andrew Chervichenko on the official website of the club answered questions from fans. Here is the most interesting statements Chervichenko. - (about renting Pavel Pogrebnyak in Kiev "Dynamo"): it is Quite possible that the striker will be returned to the team;(anthem "Spartacus"): In the near future you will hear the song to set the mood in the stands, will be created later Spartak anthem;- ("Not to complicate the construction of the stadium RFU exaltation of the Spartak stadium): the Construction of our stadium complicate impossible, because it is so complicated to the limit;- (about the prospects in the UEFA Cup): We are able to beat Dinamo Bucharest). If this happens, then the following rounds of the UEFA Cup will be held next year. I hope that by that time, we will doukomplektatsiya so that we can count on much.. . Читать полностью -->

England doesn't want to see their fans

England doesn't want to see their fansThe English football Association has warned that any fan of the national team, which will be detained for hooliganism (if they happen) during the qualifying match of Euro 2004 Macedonia-England this Saturday, it will be forever deprived of the right of access to the game team. It should be noted that the Association has waived all owed her two and a half thousands of tickets for this match in favor of the poor of Macedonia. Moreover, the tickets will not be issued even for relatives and friends of the England football team. Nevertheless, according to police, about 500 Englishmen are still going to get to Skopje.. . . Читать полностью -->

Locomotive: a serious opponent - serious game

Locomotive: a serious opponent - serious gameTest matches"The Gent (Belgium) - LOKOMOTIV (Russia) - 0:1 (0:0)Goal: Ashvetia, 49."Lokomotiv" (Moscow): Ovchinnikov, Nizhegorodov, Sennikov, Pashinin, Evseev, Asatiani (Česnauskis, 59), Maminov, Khokhlov, Wagner (Gurenko, 79), Loskov, Ashvetia (Pimenov, 55)."SHINNIK" (Russia) - Steaua (Romania) - 1:2 (1:0)Goals: Shtanyuk, 3 (1:0). Dick, 68 (1:1). Ogararu, 70 (1:2)."Shinnik" (Yaroslavl): Stanev (Doc, 46), Williams, Shtanyuk, Logica, Shevchuk, Knots (Rubin, 46), Alogi (Kulichi, 46), Ronelle (Lutsenko, 63. Carlson, 78), Grishin, Gelson (Khazov, 46), Savic (Kushev, 46).. . . Читать полностью -->

Italian Foglia recognized as the best player in football

Italian Foglia recognized as the best player in footballThe Italian Adriano Foglia from the club "Arzignano" named the best player of the world 2003.By a vote among the coaches of the national teams and mini football clubs Foglia received 171 points, ahead by 17 points the Brazilian Flavio Sergio Viana from Spanish "Boomerang". The top ten hit and Koridze from Moscow "Dina", with 82 points he took the list of in 7th place. According to ITAR-TASS, in the list of the top 50 includes five players of the Russian clubs:18. Mareš Roman (Czech Republic; "Dean") - 18; 22. Simeunovic (Slovenia; Norilsk Nickel) - 16; 26. Ivanov (Russia, Dynamo) - 13; 44. Читать полностью -->

UEFA INTERTOTO Cup: Third round. Return matches

UEFA INTERTOTO Cup: Third round. Return matchesWERDER Bremen (Germany) - NICE (FRANCE) 1:0The sum of matches: 1:0ALLIANSI (Finland) - PERUGIA (Italy) 0:2By the sum of the matches: 0:4FORK (Switzerland) - NANTES (France) 2:3The sum of matches: 5:3KOPER (Slovenia) - EGALEO (Greece) 2:2The sum of matches: 5:4CIBALIA (Croatia) - TAMPERE (Finland) 0:1The sum of matches: 2:1WOLFSBURG (Germany) - SINOT (Czech Republic) 2:0The sum of matches: 3:0LERS (Belgium) - HEERENVEEN (Holland) 0:1The sum of matches: 1:5SCHALKE 04 (Germany) - DACIA (Moldova) 2:1The sum of matches: 3:1SUPERFUND (Austria) - TOBOL (Kazakhstan) 3:0The sum of matches: 4:0LIBEREC (Czech Republic) - RACING SANTANDER (Spain) 2:1The sum of matches: 3:1BRNO (Czech Republic) - NANTES (France) play laterBRESCIA (Italy) - BARCELONA (Spain) play later. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Cup of Commonwealth goes to Georgia

The Cup of Commonwealth goes to GeorgiaHead coach of "Dinamo" Tbilisi Croat Ivo Susak, whose team had won the Cup of Commonwealth immediately after the final whistle, was very happy. The coach wasn't tired lavish compliments to the team, not forgetting to praise and rivals in the finals - players "Skonto", the correspondent РТР-Спорт.Ru. "I think this is a very good tournament and Dynamo won it deservedly. We met with "Skonto" in the group, having played 2:2, but this time took into account the mistakes of the past, trying not to repeat them. Missed the ball broke the team, to the contrary they rallied and managed to equalize in the first half. A very important and beautiful goal held after the break Aleksidze. Читать полностью -->

Gerard Houllier expects to record - the main Liverpool new

Gerard Houllier expects to recordThe main Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier hopes that this year his club win the UEFA Cup for the fourth time and become the undisputed leader on this indicator. Nevertheless, the French coach "red" warned fans that even the early rounds of the tournament will not be for "Liverpool" a simple walk, reminding them about the games with Liberec Slovan in one of previous seasons. Will add that in the first round of the UEFA Cup Liverpool are facing two match against Slovenian "Olympia" from Ljubljana, according to soccerage.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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